Hustle Castle – build fort and defy your enemies


The game reminds us the medieval time where lots of king ruled over the world. So the game needs no introduction as the name itself defines. Your may become the lord of your people and protect them from enemy. You can also build your own castle and upgrade it. Being a lord you can order your warriors and assign duties to them, give training to them and crush the enemies.  Don’t feel hesitated in using Hustle Castle Cheats whenever you are embattled.

What to do as a king or lord

  • You are able to hold and build everything in the game from troops to castle. Defeat the enemies and occupied their area and enlarge your kingdom. Do the following also:
    • Provide training to your great scribes and warriors.
    • Burn and plunder the castle and palaces of other rivals.
    • You should build your castle and make it bigger by having new rooms and upgrade them time to time.
    • You can arrange hundreds of missions where your soldiers fight with orcs, skeletons, giants and dragons.
    • Develop villages and villagers as they may learn new skills and talents as well as can wear any equipment.

More resources means more defense

It is advisable to you that whenever you want to take break, before doing that you must store as many resources as you can. As you take a break for instance, there are more chances of attacks so before you log out try to have more such things. You should make sure that you only open specially cheats of resources and you can use them in need. But if you find yourself in trouble the try Hustle Castle Cheats to have more resources to play well. Don’t waste time in ruling over the world by the game.